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Back pain: A global health challenge… Still elusive to medical science —

Back pain: A global health challenge… Still elusive to medical science

Back pain is not only a universal language but also universal health and serious problem. And despite the magnitude of the problem, most people do not get adequate and cost effective treatment for their back pain. They continue to suffer, month after month, year after year.  Yet the cure has remained elusive as ever to the medical community. Most people who suffer from chronic back pain struggle alone on their own because they are on informed. They have paid the price of their ignorance in years of pain and uncountable medical appointments which about 95 per cent are unnecessary and waist of valuable time
The ineffectiveness of prescribed drugs is generally spoken of by all victims of chronic back pain. Even most health professionals have humbly admitted that, medically, the treatment of back pain has remained elusive.
During the commemoration of World Food Day/ international day for eradication of poverty on October 14, 2016, organised by GIPEC chaplaincy, in, Lagos, where I was a resource person on back pain with the theme: ‘Common back pain still elusive to medical community in the 21st century.’ The hall was filled to capacity with elegant people. The above caption formed the theme of my lecture. They all agreed to the fact that the elusiveness of the common back pain to medical science has remained a serious health issue globally. During the question time, many of the participants spoke of their bitter experiences with prescribed medicines and demanded the way out. Many have been referred to inexperienced therapist or charlatans. Well that is by the way.
You may take your back pain medications in one gulp, and would smile at how quickly it works. Well, wipe that smile off your face.  That drugs you’re probably thinking is your friend are anything but something else. Your health practitioner may constantly be changing drugs for your back pain in other get the best that might work for you. How long can you endure this cycle of trial and error?  On the downside, trying one drug after the other will not always be pleasant and may even take a toll on your health.  Let’s be clear about this: no back pain medication is without side effects. You can expect the drug to take its toll on your health. You may experience nausea, dizziness, constipation, vomiting, dryness in the mouth, urinary retention, pupil contraction, or even respiratory depression, among others.
You see, unknown to most consumers, pain medications may attack more than pain. It actually inhibits, rather than promotes your body’s natural defenses against sickness.
If your solution to pain is to take pain-killers the moment you start feeling twinges, don’t be surprised to find yourself becoming more and more reliant on your drug. While it’s true your pain-killer can numb the pain, it doesn’t make it go away. You just may find yourself taking more pain killers more often.
Do you know how your back pain medications work? They either block the pain signals to your brain or interrupt your brain’s interpretation of these signals. In other words, they make you feel pain-free by making you incapable of feeling pain – for a few hours or days, anyway. But remember: feeling pain-free and being actually pain-free are two very different things. To get rid of the pain, you will need to find out the cause of the back pain and remedy it effectively; that is what skillful physiotherapy, thoughtfully performed is set to achieve.
Medications may help you get through your day, but if you rely on drugs as your only pain treatment, you’re stuck with them for the rest of your life! Start your journey to being pain-free by making rational choice of health facility to attend for your disturbing back pain or talk to your doctor for a referral to skilled physiotherapist. Your back will thank you for it. Don’t continue to suffer with crippling back pain; it is not worth it. There is remedy.

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