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Easier way to transfer MB (Data) One to another SIM CARD on Airtel Network

Hello guys, today I’m gonna share with you this updates on how to send megabyte from one sim card to another on Airtel Network probably from your sim to your friends or family members WITHOUT stress.
All you need is just to follow this SIMPLE guild below:

1…. Dial *141# select Then * for Next
2…..Select 8 (share data)
3……Select 1 to change your pin (Default Pin =1234) change it to any pin of your choice.
4……Select option 3 (Data Me2U)
5…….Select option 2 (send from existing allowance)
6…….Enter the Recipient number (the number of the person that you want to send MB)
7…….Enter the AMOUNT of data you want to send in MB
8…….Enter your Pin to complete your transactions

NB: You  cannot send above 90% of your data (Do the calculation yourself)
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