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How to Use Hashtags on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

How to Hashtag:

1 A hashtag should contain only one word without spaces.

2 No punctuation should be included

3 Include the hashtag within or after your message.

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What Does ‘Hashtag’ Mean?

A hashtag is simply a keyword phrase, spelled out without spaces, with a pound sign (#) in front of it. For example, #InboundHour and #ChocolateLovers are both hashtags.

You can put these hashtags anywhere in your social media posts: in the beginning, at the end, or anywhere in between.

These hashtags tie public conversations from all different users into a single stream, which you can find by searching for a hashtag, clicking on one, or using a third-party monitoring tool like HubSpot’s Social Inbox. Note that, in order for a post with a hashtag to appear in anyone’s search, the post must be public.

What Makes Hashtags So Great?

Back in 2007 when hashtags were a brand new concept, Google’s Chris Messina realized the value of hashtags right away. He wrote that the “channel” concept of hashtags satisfies many of the things group discussions do, but without inheriting the “unnecessary management cruft” that most group systems suffer from.

In addition, Messina wrote that they’re easily accessible with the syntax on Twitter (and now on other social media networks), easy to learn, flexible, and works with current user behavior instead of forcing anyone to learn anything radically new. It also works consistently on cell phones — whereas, for example, the star key doesn’t.

A decade later, the hashtag continues to thrive. When used properly, hashtags are a great way for individuals and brands to make their social posts more visible and increase engagement. They can give people useful context and cues for recall, aggregate posts and images together, and update a group of like-minded individuals on certain a topic in real time.

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Hashtags are often used to unite conversations around things like

Events or conferences, like #INBOUND17 or #Rio2016

Disasters or emergencies, like #Aleppo or #PrayForNice

Holidays or celebrations, like #WorldNutellaDay or #NationalCatDay

Popular culture topics, like #GameofThrones or #PokemonGO

General interest topics, like #WinterWonderland or #ChocolateLovers

Popular hashtags, like #tbt or #MotivationMonday

Hashtag also #zobahotice

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