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Music download: Winners by Dun J

An Eastern Pop/Rap/RnB singer and a song writer Dun J who hails from Enugu State makes his debut single “Winners” produced by Djrobitonzz

Its a song that celebrates victory over all sorts of challenges overcame as well as urges n gives vibe to the lost hope n resurrects dead dreams of individuals. Its a wake up call to rise ,stand firm and move towards achieving greatness.. “”cos victory belongs to real men, people who do no relent in pursuit of success””. Its a song that elicits energy and rises the tiger that is inborn to all persons, to step out and rise above the crowd. Its a song you need wen u are down and feel you can’t go any further.


Dun J

  • CHORUSx2
    We are winners …..Winners winners²
    Not losers…….winners winners
    We are winners… winners²
    Sure victorious……. winners winners
    I don’t wanna be the last man that is trending
    Sure I wanna be the last man that is standing
    I saw the struggle and I was in pain …….and I was in pain
    Pushing up, I got hand , I made it through the rain,……..I may it through the rain
    Cos life is a journey, someone really told me
    Me gat that
    Full of hurdles, now I really know this
    Me v seen that
    U gat to work in the day, en pray in the night
    U gat to focus on the base, en dine in the night
    Cos we talk about money, we talk about the gain
    When we talk about the hustle, we talk about the rain
    When we talk about the the people going through hell of pain
    We are winners,……..Winners winners²
    Not losers,……….winners winners
    We are winners,……… winners winners²
    Sure victorious, … winners
    I draw some base, I show em sample
    Coming through the grace, you don’t gat to gamble
    Being in hell in pain, buh am now a winner
    Mehn am telling that in moment of pain ..huh
    U see the hidden truth, u see the hidden truth
    Niggas are hailing n feeling me
    They say am the baddest that killing this
    Dropping the message, they getting inspired they shout that am truly king,they shout that am truly king
    Cos it takes much more power, hard works n prayers to become a winner for life
    We are winners ….Winners winners²
    You are a winner unh… winners
    We are winners unh …. winners winners
    Sure victorious eeh… winners winners
    Sure victorious.. winners winners
    Yes I believe they say that tough time don’t last
    Then you gat to work en pray en hope you the best
    Cos victory belongs to real men, its a glory that I gat to share with me friends
    Winning in this war ,gat a lot of tags
    But I know, u don’t know, u keep carrying bags
    You gat to be the champ ,even in this war
    They hit you , you get down, you keep getting back
    Cos I don’t want you fall, I want you to rise, I want you see beyond the cloud
    I don’t want you stop,I want you to run,I want you rise above the crowd
    Cos thats what heroes do
    Me telling you that thats what winners do


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