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Photo Of A Newborn Baby With Teeth, Check out this viral photo

Before some of y’all get spiritual and superstitious over this rare version of events of a baby getting born with teeth, y’all should know that there’s an explanation for this situation.

And as said, the circumstance is quite a rare one as according to Healthline it occurs in about 1 out of every 2,000 births.

Healthline says these kinda teeth are called natal teethwhich are relatively rare.

About 15 percent of babies born with teeth have close family members that had natal teeth when they were born, too. These include siblings and parents.
While there are conflicting studies on the role of gender and natal teeth, females seem to be more likely to be born with teeth than males.
Malnutrition during pregnancy is another possible risk factor

There you have it folks! Just a normal baby with a rare condition… for those of you who want more insight on this, go here

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