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Trump budget plan would cut $238M from youth job training program

Trump budget plan would cut $238M from youth job training program

The Trump administration has proposed a $238 million cut to a federally-funded job training program for low-income youths, raising fears among educators that several centers will have to close.

There are 125 Job Corps education centers across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico. Each of them is a place where disadvantaged students ages 18 to 24 can get free job training and access to industry internships — as well as the kind of support and mentoring many need but didn’t find in their homes or traditional schools.

Some 60,000 students enroll each year to be trained for work in 11 high-growth industries, including health care, information technology, advanced manufacturing, finance and business.

Started in 1964, Job Corps training has expanded from a pathway to a high school diploma and vocational trade to a 21st-century road to college and a variety of degrees. For students that qualify, that higher education is also offered for free.

The threat to the program is part of a massive cut — from $12 billion to $9 billion — that Trump’s budget proposes for the Department of Labor, which oversees Job Corps.

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta on Wednesday sent out his detailed list of what he’d spend his $9 billion on, and Job Corps got hit.

Its budget would drop from $1.7 billion to roughly $1.4 billion — and centers deemed “chronically low-performing” would be closed, the Labor Department told the Daily News Friday.

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